Undergraduate Learning Goals at Michigan State University

Welcome to the interactive rubric site for the Undergraduate Learning Goals (previously known as the Liberal Learning Goals) at Michigan State University. This page allows users to download the rubrics for each of our five learning goals. More exciting, however, is the fact that users can use the rubrics as a starting point for creating custom rubrics that fit the specific teaching and learning experiences they design for use inside and outside of traditional classroom contexts. The site also allows you to upload those custom rubrics and the artifacts like activities and assignments that you design to engage those rubrics and goals. Ultimately, we create a space to share materials and become familiar with the ways that others are integrating the undergraduate learning goals in courses and other student experiences.

The creation of the Undergraduate Learning Goals and the associated rubrics was a collaborative process that included faculty, librarians, advisors, residential education staff, and undergraduate and graduate students. This site's purpose is to facilitate further collaboration as we work together to institutionalize our learning goals in support of excellence in undergraduate education at MSU.