How to Use This Site

This site's primary purpose is to assist members of the Michigan State University community integrate the Undergraduate Learning Goals into the teaching/learning experiences they create for undergraduate students. To that end, the site serves two major functions:

  • Allowing members of the Michigan State University teaching community to create custom rubrics for use in incorporating and evaluating student performance in relation to our Undergraduate Learning Goals.

  • Creating a forum where members of the Michigan State University community can share assignments, syllabi, activities, and rubrics that they have created to support the Undergraduate Learning Goals in courses and other teaching/learning curricular and extra or co-curricular experiences.

Major uses of the site

  • Identify undergraduate learning goals appropriate for integration into courses and other undergraduate experiences
  • Create custom rubrics to assess the levels of performance of students in relation to the undergraduate learning goals
  • Upload examples of learning experiences that support the undergraduate learning goals
  • Browse rubrics, assignments, experiences, and other examples of the ways that people have incorporated the undergraduate learning goals into their courses and other learning experiences
  • Present models for colleagues to view as they integrate the Undergraduate Learning Goals
  • Connect with colleagues who are incorporating similar goals to facilitate collaboration within and across units

An additional purpose is to allow guests to see examples of the methods we are using to support excellence in undergraduate education in relation to shared learning goals. To that end, anyone can browse the site to look for examples of syllabi, assignments, study abroad curricula, and other artifacts that support the learning goals.