Goal: Cultural Understanding

The MSU graduate comprehends global and cultural diversity within historical, artistic, and societal contexts.

Dimensions of Cultural Understanding
Dimension Emerging Developing Proficient Exemplary
Reflects on experiences with diversity to demonstrate knowledge and sensitivity

Shows openness to different experiences and recognition of one's cultural background.

Demonstrates respect for different experiences, attitudes, and values and exhibits an awareness of one's cultural norms and assumptions.

Engages in purposeful interactions with others, understands commonalities and differences, and evaluates how both aspects contribute to a deeper understanding of self and others.

Creates environments that facilitate productive and respectful relationships in intercultural contexts with the knowledge and ability to span boundaries.

Demonstrates awareness of how diversity emerges within and across cultures

Recognizes multiple definitions and expressions of culture and diversity.

Understands culture and diversity as dynamic and contextual.

Investigates and analyzes how culture and diversity evolve and are expressed in multiple contexts.

Effectively negotiates intercultural contexts by applying knowledge of diversity as an evolving, nuanced, and complex concept.