Goal: Effective Communication

The MSU graduate uses a variety of media to communicate effectively with diverse audiences.

Dimensions of Effective Communication
Dimension Emerging Developing Proficient Exemplary
Identifies how contexts affect communication strategies and practices

Recognizes that communication depends on context and understands relationships between communication and contexts.

Describes key components of communication contexts. Identifies communication as an interactive, purposeful, and consequential process.

Analyzes communication context, message, purpose, and motivation to select effective strategies and media.

Assesses how communication emerges in diverse contexts and can anticipate alternative scenarios or outcomes.

Engages in effective communication practices in a variety of situations and with a variety of media.

Demonstrates an awareness of how communication practices and media relate to context.

Connects strategies and media to engage in purposeful interaction with some consideration of role and context.

Employs effective communication strategies and media in various roles and contexts.

Designs and implements strategies and media that adapt to context and evoke an intended outcome.